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       YOVON fireworks & firecrakers machinery factory founded in  1988, the largest and the most professional manufacturer  in fireworks & firecrackers machinery field in china even in world. it is located in No.146 NanQiao town, Liling city, Hunan province, China .Our factory is specialized in producing all kinds of auto-matic machineries, such as: 
  firecrackers production line:
paper dividing machine, tube making machine, cake sorting machine,cake cutting machine,fuse inserting machine,full auto powder filling machine,and knitting&packing machine;
fireworks production line:  tube making machine,round paper card punching machine,mud filling&bottom closing mahcine,shell ball pakcing machine ,powder mixing machine
   others:  paper fuse & safety fuse making machine, snapper pop machine.

     We have exported many fireworks & firecrackers machines to other counties, such as: India,Pakistan,Malaysia,Russia, Turkey, Iran etc. and built the strongly production line for our clients, we not only supply machines, but also teach clients high technology.

    Our strategic mission is to become a leading innovator, an explorer and a big marketer for worldwide’s hi-tech and speciality products concerning fireworks & firecrackers machine. And relative services and systerms. We can provide our custormers with top quality,  and also valuable all-year-support to their organizational and technical needs. High quality, good service and custormer always comes the first, we believe that’s the best way to win-win.

   Welcome the visit our factory!

Fireworks news
·Grand fireworks mark end of Geneva festival ·Air pollution, safety concerns affecting fireworks sales in China
·Indians mark their biggest festival with fireworks ·Liuyang Fireworks Festival
·11th China Int'l Fireworks Culture Festival Held in Liuyang ·Latest Fireworks of Safety and Environmental Protection
·Hongkong Pause 2013 National Day Fireworks Display ·The 4th Fireworks and Firecrackers Machinery Exhibition & Raw and Auxiliary Material Show
·New Year 2013: Watch London's dazzling fireworks display as 250,000 line the streets to welcome new year ·Ivory Coast fireworks crush kills at least 60
·Air pollution prompts Beijing to limit fireworks ·Fireworks might be banned on polluted days
·How to Photograph Fireworks ·14 killed, 13 injured in China fireworks factory explosions
·Suspension orders issued to 28 fireworks units in Sivakasi ·USA:New fireworks law ignites cities' response
·The musical fireworks display to mark the queen's six decades on the throne ·Annual fireworks show 'Red, White & Boom' grows for Columbus' 200th
·Bigger, Badder Fireworks For Sale In Michigan ·2012 World Class Fireworks Shoot Offs

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